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Quotas safe, farmers assured

publisher Jun 13, 2018 - 11:10am
Milk spat

Dairy farmers have been assured that supply management will not be on the block in the ongoing tense trade talks between Canada and the United States.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaffirmed his support for milk producers at a meeting with representatives of Dairy Farmers of Canada Tuesday.
DFC president Pierre Lampron had earlier issued a statement that “Canada’s dairy farmers stand with our fellow Canadians in rejecting the US administration’s personal attacks on our Prime Minister.”

“These attacks, whether on Prime Minister Trudeau, or dairy farmers in Canada, are founded more on rhetoric than fact. Canada has a trade deficit of 5:1 with the US on dairy alone; furthermore, 10% of the Canadian dairy market is already open to tariff-free imports – compared to only 3% in the US. US food companies, who have, and continue to, invest in Canada, recognize the value of the dairy system in Canada. The stability of our system, our sustainable production, and the quality of our milk are among the reasons making Canada such an attractive place to invest,” said Mr. Lampron.

“The root of the US problem is that they are producing too much milk in an oversaturated world market. Canada already produces enough milk to fill Canadian demand. As Canada has less population than the state of California, and that Wisconsin alone produces more milk than all Canadian farms combined, clearly, the Canadian market is too small to make a dent in US overproduction. Canadian dairy farmers and their families are concerned by the sustained attacks by President Trump with an aim to wiping out dairy farmers here at home.”