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Scam alert

richard May 29, 2015 - 1:52pm

Chamber Warns of Energy Scam
The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is issuing a warning about a potential scam. It has received calls from area citizens who report being visited by someone claiming that government regulations have changed with respect to heating and hot water systems.
A local consumer contacted the Chamber to report that an individual arrived at her door and told her he must see her heating and hot water equipment. He then told her the equipment was, in his words, ‘illegal’ and attempted to have her sign a contract to have new equipment installed.
“This company representative indicated there had been government regulatory changes with respect to her equipment,” states Chamber Executive Manager, Lezlie Strasser. “This is simply not the case. The Ontario Energy Board does not operate in that manner and when contacted, the OEB advised the Chamber it does not enact regulations for heating and hot water systems nor does it call on consumers in their homes.”