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Polar Bear Dip set for 2pm today on Alexandria's Mill Pond

sean Feb 14, 2016 - 12:47pm

The annual polar bear dip in support of the Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame is  go for today at 2pm, as a slate of plungers/dippers has signed up for the cause.

Here's the roster of participants:

1. Joey Seguin & Patrick Paquette
2. Tyler Dauner & Ali Macleod
3. Amanda Hope & Hayley Cholette
4. Sherry Davis & Don Proctor
5. Henry Dore & Tammy Bond
6. Brian Dunham & Jeff Dorn
7. Andrew Cattanach & Sarah & Aaron Taylor
8. Trevor Bougie & Laura Wheeler
9. Scott, Shawna & Corey Cameron
10. Martin Lavigne & Carole Deguire
11. Donnie Morris & Cathy Maclean
12. Jamie MacDonald & Rodney Shepherd
13. Yves Poirier & Shawn Palin

And here's a shot of the icy water all ready for the event:

ice hole
Photo courtesy Rodney Shepherd