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Heritage conservation award

publisher Mar 7, 2018 - 10:44am

Ontario Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, North Glengarry Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee members Carma Williams and Karen Davison Wood, and Harvey McCue, Chair, Ontario Heritage Trust, at the presentation of the 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation. The award recognizes the Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour and interpretive panels which were unveiled in 2017, and the committee’s support in launching the Community Improvement Plan program back in 2016. The North Glengarry Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee was established by the municipality in 2011 as a means to promote and raise awareness about arts, culture and heritage.

Committee chair and Councillor Carma Williams commented,  “The Township of North Glengarry is an area that is rich in history. We take pride in our roots and as a committee, we work to ensure that the municipality's heritage remains alive and meaningful.”

Also composed of Natalie-Anne Bussière, Councillor Jeff Manley, Dane Lanken and Nicole Nadeau, the committee thanked Nicole Geoffrion who was a long-standing member of the group.



publisher Mar 6, 2018 - 3:58pm

Less than three months after accepting a job as North Glengarry’s Deputy Treasurer, Sarah Huskinson has been elevated to the township’s top job of Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk.

“Council knows that Sarah will bring to the CAO/Clerk position the same diligence and excellence in leadership that she has displayed in her position in finance,” said North Glengarry Mayor Chris McDonell shortly after the announcement. Later, he said that council had interviewed about 20 candidates before deciding that Ms. Huskinson was the best choice.

More honours for North Glengarry

publisher Feb 21, 2018 - 2:47pm

North Glengarry will receive another honour Friday for its Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour and Community Improvement Plan.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee will on Friday receive the 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for excellence in conservation.

At the recent Conference of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario’s Awards of Excellence Gala, North and South Glengarry took home top honours for their heritage tour brochure while North Glengarry was recognized for its CIP.

Alexandria strives to be Hockeyville in 2018

sean Jan 9, 2018 - 1:46pm

Alexandria is looking to be named Hockeyville 2018.

Some may recall a number of years back that Alexandria and the Glengarry Sports Palace reached the semifinal round of the national competition that awards a cash prize for a community improvement project.

To follow the progress of our local entry, please see this webpage. Supporters are encouraged to post thoughts, notes, photos, and videos.

Tax collector fired

publisher Nov 9, 2017 - 3:29pm

North Glengarry has fired tax collector Sandra Cameron as an investigation into tax bill discrepancies continues.

The Ontario Provincial Police has been contacted, says the municipality which has since January been investigating and correcting several tax account errors.

The Township commissioned a forensic investigation that was conducted by Deloitte LLP. That investigation is ongoing but an interim report was recently received. The report confirmed the nature and scale of transactions which, in the township’s view, "violated municipal policies and practices. In accordance with the Township’s insurance policy, the Ontario Provincial Police has been contacted."
Discrepancies first appeared in January when the interim tax bills were produced. Township staff, with assistance from specialized auditors, have been making corrections to individual accounts ever since. The discrepancies typically relate to the manner in which payments, penalties and interest were applied and reported.

No further details are available at this time.