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Glengarry Soccer League announces extreme heat policy to guide game cancellations

sean Jul 4, 2018 - 1:12pm

Today, the Glengarry Soccer League announced is extreme heat guidelines to clarify when scheduled youth and adult matches will be postponed and/or cancelled.

Read more about the policy here in Sports Extra. We will also post further announcements on matches cancelled/postponed, as details become available.

GSL minor soccer scores from last week

sean Aug 1, 2017 - 12:37pm

Here are last week's results from the minor divisions of the Glengarry Soccer League.

U12 girls
Dunvegan 3 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 1
Alexandria 4 vs. North Lancaster 0
Maxville 4 vs. Vankleek Hill 0

U12 Boys
Alexandria Vipers 3 vs. North Lancaster 2
Maxville 5 vs. Vankleek Hill 1
Char-Lan 4 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 2

U14 Girls
Alexandria Red Devils 2 vs. Alexandria Elite Cleats 1
North Glengarry 1 vs. Vankleek Hill 0
Dunvegan 7 vs. Char-Lan 0

U14 Boys
Maxville Highlanders 6 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0
Maxville Celtics 4 vs. Vankleek Hill 1
Dunvegan 4 vs. Char-Lan 2

U16 Girls
Char-Lan A 3 vs. Maxville 2
Vankleek Hill 3 vs. Char-Lan B 1

U18 Boys
Glen Sandfield 4 vs. Alexandria 0

U19 Girls
Maxville 4 vs. Glen Sandfield 0
Vankleek Hill 7 vs. Greenfield/Dunvegan 0
Vankleek Hill 4 vs. Maxville 3

GSL results from week of July 17

sean Jul 25, 2017 - 11:42am

This is the last week of regular-season play for the senior men's and senior women's division of the Glengarry Soccer League, and we have the story about where things stand, in the July 26 edition of The Glengarry News. We also have new additions to our photo galleries.

In results from last week at the tier 2 men's level, McCrimmon shut out Greenfield 3-0. No names of scorers were available.

The other match saw the Celtics prevail over Glen Nevis 5-1, on goals from Rhys Paquette (2), Len Butcher (2), and Andre Sauve. Travis Hagen had the solo reply.

In the U19 girls division, Glen Sandfield/Laggan edged Char-Lan 1-0, and Maxville blanked Greenfield/Dunvegan 1-0.

U18 boys: Laggan 1 vs. Glen Sandfield 1, Char-Lan 5 vs. Alexandria 0/

U16 girls: Maxville 6 vs. Char-Lan B 0, North Glengarry 4 vs. Char-Lan 0, Vankleek Hill 4 vs. Maxville 1, North Glengarry 5 vs. Char-Lan B 0.

U14 girls: Alexandria Elite Cleats 2 vs. North Glengarry 1, Vankleek Hill 4 vs. Char-Lan 0, Alexandria Red Devils 2 vs. Dunvegan 0.

U14 boys: Laggan/Glen Sandfield 7 vs. Vankleek Hill 0, Dunvegan 4 vs. Maxville Celtics 2, Maxville Highlanders 4 vs. Char-Lan 0.

U12 girls: Char-Lan 4 vs. Dunvegan 0, Maxville 2 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0, Alexandria 8 vs. Vankleek Hill 0.

U12 boys: Maxville 5 vs. Char-Lan 1, Maxville 5 vs. Laggan/Glen Sandfield 0, Char-Lan 2 vs. Alexandria Hooligans 1, Alexandria Vipers 6 vs. Vankleek Hill 1.

with files from the GSL

Laggan vs. Greenfield women's match moved to Dunvegan field

sean Jul 24, 2017 - 5:14pm

Tuesday night's GSL senior women's soccer game between Laggan and Greenfield has been relocated to the pitch in Dunvegan, rather than in Greenfield. Start time remains 8:30pm.

The evening will also see Glen Sandfield play Glen Nevis, on the Lochiel field.

The two July 25 contests mark the end of regular-season play. For the full picture, be sure to check out The Glengarry News this week.

Pair of GSL senior men's soccer matches on tap for tonight

sean Jul 21, 2017 - 4:19pm

There are two Glengarry Soccer League senior men's matches on tap for tonight.

In Alexandria, the GSP pitch will have the Drillers playing Vankleek Hill, while on the Lochiel field, Glen Sandfield and Greenfield will tangle. Both are 8:30pm starts.

Be sure to check out The Glengarry News each week for the full story of soccer in the county.

Glengarry Soccer League results for week of June 5

sean Jun 13, 2017 - 5:56pm

This week's edition of The Glengarry News includes a photo and story about the June 9 GSL senior men's soccer game between the Drillers and McCrimmon.

Here are more results from play last week, received after The News went to press.

Senior men
Glen Sandfield 4 vs Vankleek Hill 1

Senior women
Char-Lan 3 vs Glen Sandfield 1
Vankleek Hill 4 vs Greenfield 1
Dunvegan 2 vs Char-Lan 1

Tier 2 men
McCrimmon 2 vs Greenfield 0

U19 girls
Vankleek Hill 8 vs Greenfield/Dunvegan 3

U18 boys
Glen Sandfield 2 vs Char-Lan 0

U16 girls
Vankleek Hill 5 vs Char-Lan B 1
VKH 4 vs Maxville 0

U14 boys
Maxville Highlanders 2 vs Dunvegan 1
Dunvegan 3 vs Laggan/GS 2
Maxville Highlanders 5 vs Vankleek Hill 0
Maxville Celtics 2 vs Char-Lan 0
Dunvegan 8 vs Vankleek Hill 1

U14 girls
North Glengarry 3 vs Char-Lan 1
Alexandria Red Devils 1 vs VKH 1 

U12 girls
Maxville 3 vs North Lancaster 2
Char-Lan 7 vs VKH 1
Alexandria 2 vs Laggan/GS 0 
Laggan/GS 3 vs VKH 1
North Lancaster 3 vs Dunvegan 0 
Char-Lan 3 vs Maxville 2
Dunvegan 2 vs Char-Lan 0

U12 boys
Alexandria 4 vs Laggan/GS 1
Maxville 5 vs North Lancaster 3
North Lancaster 5 vs Char-Lan 5 
Laggan/GS 5 vs VKH 3

Drillers live to play another day: game on Friday night

sean Jun 8, 2017 - 11:20am

The Drillers senior men's soccer team will be back in action Friday (June 9) night on the pitch at the Glengarry Sports Palace, in Alexandria, where the men will entertain Team McCrimmon. Game time is set for 8:30pm.

This will be just the second time the Drillers hit the field, though officially it will be game three, as the team has a 3-2 loss and a forfeit on its record thus far. The squad has struggled with putting together a sufficient roster of players in the early stage of the GSLseasonn.

There's also a senior men's match in Dunvegan, where Greenfield will take on Glen Sandfield, at 8:30pm.

GSL senior women's, tier 2 men's soccer

sean Jun 6, 2017 - 1:39pm

Last week saw a pair of Glengarry Soccer League senior women's soccer matches postponed.

Of games that did proceed, Glen Nevis shellacked Greenfield 12-0, Char-Lan clipped Laggan 2-1, and Glen Sandfield edged Vankleek Hill 3-2.

This week's slate of contests kicks off tonight, with action in Dunvegan (vs. Laggan) and North Lancaster, where Glen Nevis will take on Vankleek Hill. Both are 8:30pm starts.

Tier 2 men

Just one tier 2 men's result to report from last week, as McCrimmon edged Glen Nevis 3-2.

Drillers GSL senior men's team in limbo

sean Jun 6, 2017 - 1:30pm

The Glengarry Soccer League is working to salvage the Alexandria-based Drillers senior men's soccer team for the 2017 season.

The squad's first game of the season was to be played May 26 in Greenfield, but was postponed due to bad field conditions.

On May 31, the men saw action in Alexandria, where they fell 3-2 to Glen Sandfield. Names of goal scorers were not available.

Then the wheels fell off. The squad has faced a numbers crunch this year since the outset and was forced to forfeit a scheduled June 2 match with Vankleek Hill. Brennan Filion, one of the Drillers' organizers this year, is done for the season, having suffered a knee injury during a training session.

Future Drillers games are listed as pending, including the June 9 match in Alexandria, versus McCrimmon.

In other scheduled matches this week, Vankleek Hill and Glen Sandfield are slated to play June 7 on the VCI pitch, and on the 9th, Greenfield is scheduled to host Glen Sandfield.

McCrimmon remains unbeaten entering play this week, having dispatched Greenfield 2-1 in a game on June 2. Vankleek Hill is also without a loss thus far.

Glengarry Soccer League minor matches results from last week

sean Jun 6, 2017 - 1:20pm

U12 girls
Laggan/Glen Sandfield 1 vs. North Lancaster 4 
Maxville 5 vs. Dunvegan 0
Char-Lan 3 vs. Alexandria 6
North Lancaster 5 vs. Vankleek Hill 0

U12 boys
Alexandria Hooligans 3 vs. Alexandria Vipers 2
Maxville 5 vs. Char-Lan Blue 1
North Lancaster 3 vs. Alexandria Hooligans 2
Char-Lan 3 vs. Alexandria Vipers 2
Vankleek Hill 2 vs. North Lancaster 5 

U14 girls
North Glengarry 1 vs. VKH 6
Dunvegan 2 vs. North Glengarry 1
Vankleek Hill 4 vs. Alexandria Elite Cleats 1
Char-Lan 1 vs. Alexandria Red Devils 3
Dunvegan 3 vs. Char-Lan 0

U16 girls
Char-Lan A 2 vs. North Glengarry 2
Char-Lan B 3 vs. Maxville 6

U18 Boys
Laggan 2 vs. Char-Lan 3
Glen Sandfield 8 vs. Alexandria 0

U19 Girls
Greenfield/Dunvegan 0 vs. Maxville 2
Char-Lan 1 vs. Glen Sandfield/Laggan 2
Maxville 0 vs. Vankleek Hill 2
Greenfield/Dunvegan 3 vs. Char-Lan 4-3

Game results provided to the Glengarry News by the GSL, based on submitted game sheets.